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Get TOTAL RISK assessment with the most ADVANCED merging workhorse available.  With MicroMerge, credit reports can be merged at any point in your workflow.  Merging consumer credit reports from multiple sources builds the most comprehensive report available.

  MicroMerge Report Sample
When should I request a MicroMerge report?
A MicroMerge report is essential when a thorough picture of an individual's entire credit history is needed. It is also great when trying to eliminate multiple inquires. There are three consumer credit bureaus in North America. In most cases, credit is only reported to one of these bureaus. Requesting a MicroMerge report will insure that you have the complete picture and individual’s credit standing.

How do I request this report?
  1. Select MicroMerge as the bureau
  2. Select Credit Profile Report as the product
  3. Select bureaus to merge
What sources are searched?
What information is returned?
  • Name
  • Address
  • Social
  • Employment
  • Merged Trade Lines
  • Bureau-Specific Trade Lines
  • Public Records
  • Score Cards
  • Score Average
  • Collections
  • Credit Summary
  • Open Accounts
  • Closed Accounts
  • Derogatory Trade Lines
  • Late Dates
  • Payment Patterns
  • Account Detail
  • Subscriber Codes
  • Fraud Checks
  • Bureau-Specific Messages
Can I pull a single report and then MicroMerge additional reports as needed?
Yes, you can request a single report and then MicroMerge additonal reports at a later time.   If unnecessary, additional inquries to the bureau can be prevented -- reducing cost and time.

Is it possible to subtract reports from the MicroMerge?
Yes, you can add or subtract at any point in your workflow.

How do I see the actual data from each report?
In addition to viewing the merged report, you can also click on revisions to see the individual reports supplied by the bureau.

How does this compare to other merge products?
MicroMerge is the only product that allows on-screen probing of tradelines. Expanding tradelines on screen will give you detailed data from each report to make better decisions.

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